Sound Examples of Sparse Underdetermined Delayed BSS

VoiceOnViolin: mixtures, recovered, sources.

FourVoices: mixtures, recovered, sources.

FiveSongs: mixtures, recovered, sources.

SixFluteMelodies: mixtures, recovered, sources. Notice how the fourth flute, in spite of the error in the estimated delay, has a quality of sound similar to the rest (see technical report).

Note: In order to provide a realistic stereophonic sound, all source and recovered signals have been saved with their corresponding attenuation and delay, using the original (source) and estimated matrices (recovered). Subsequent signals in a file are separated by floor(0.8 fs) zeros.

From "Underdetermined Blind Separation of Delayed Sound Sources in the Frequency Domain", by Pau Bofill, in Technical Report UPC-DAC-2001-14, submitted to Neurocomputing (Abstract, postscript).