Leile Shrifi

Selected publications


  1. L. Sharifi, J. Simao, N. Rameshan, F. Freitag, L. Veiga, “A Framework to Analyse Energy Effectiveness in P2P­assisted Cloud Ecosystems ” Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Invited paper.​
  2. L. Sharifi, L. Cerdà­Alabern, F. Freitag, L. Veiga,”Energy Efficient Cloud Service Provisioning: Keeping Data Center Granularity in Perspective,” Journal of Grid Computing, Springer, 2016.
  3. L. Sharifi, S. Khorsandi,”A Popularity­based Query Scheme in P2P Networks using Adaptive Gossip Sampling,” in P2P Networking and Applications, Springer, 2013.


  1. L. Sharifi, F. Freitag, L.Veiga, “ARTA: An economic middleware to exchange energy and computing resources,” Submitted to SmartGridComm 2016.
  2. L. Sharifi, F. Freitag, L.Veiga, “Envisioning Cloud of Energy,” SmartGridComm 2015, Best video award​.
  3. L. Sharifi, F. Freitag, L.Veiga, “Combing Smart Grid and Community Clouds: next generation integrated service platform,” SmartGridComm 2014.
  4. L. Sharifi, N. Rameshan, F. Freitag, L.Veiga, “Energy Efficiency Dilemma: P2P­-cloud vs. Datacenter, ” CloudComm 2014, Best paper candidate.​

Technical Reports

-"Envisioning Cloud of Energy(annex results) ", Leila Sharifi, Luis Veiga, INESC-ID, Lisboa, Rep. 11/2015.

Source Codes

Counter, Utilization, Power Sampling

Power and Utilization Monitoring Tool

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