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Dr. David López (Barcelona, 1967) received a MSc (UPC, 1991) and a Ph.D. (UPC, 1998), both in Computer Science. He also received a M.A. in Asian Studies with major in East Asia Arts and Societies (UOC, 2008). His research interest covers the areas of Computer Architecture (especially Data Centers), and the relationship between Sustainability, Education and Ethics with Computing and Services.

Since 1991 he has been lecturing on Computer Organization, Storage, Input/Output devices, Operating Systems, and Data Centers. Currently, and since 2001, he is Associate Professor of the Computer Architecture Department at UPC-BarcelonaTech, teaching at the Barcelona School of Infomatics (FIB).

Dr. López is member of the
AENUI association, columnist and former editor of the ReVisión Magazine. Also he is founder member and current president of the TxT organization.

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My current work is centered in the relationship of Computing and Services with Sustainability, Education and Ethics.

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